Tim Eyman Is a "Modern-Day Sam Adams," Says Conservative Awards Group

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Embezzling political activist, tax-initiative-monger, and blast-e-mail addict Tim Eyman is quite the right-wing darling. But just how much folks like Andrew Breitbart and the Koch brothers love Mr. Eyman perhaps wasn't quite as apparent until the "Sammies" awards ceremony in Chicago on Friday.

There, Eyman took home the Sam Adams Alliance's highest honor, the "Modern-Day Sam Adams Award" and the $20,000 prize that comes with it.

Of Eyman, the SAA site says:

Tim Eyman, of Mukilteo, Washington, won the $20,000 Modern Day Sam Adams Award for his lifetime commitment to using the ballot initiative process to shrink the size of government in Washington State. Most recently, he passed an initiative requiring tax increases be passed by 2/3 majority vote, and fee increases be passed by a majority vote. He also successfully waged a campaign to require a public vote on the installation of red light cameras in his hometown of Mukilteo, Washington.

No word if he'll also be receiving the Grover Norquist Representative Democracy Interference Award (The Govie) for his work in turning the state's initiative and referendum process into his own personal parliament.

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