Things We Get In the Mail: Basic Rope Bondage

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We get all kinds of things in the mail at Seattle Weekly. And each day, after we throw out all the packages containing bombs, anthrax, and press releases from Tim Eyman, we read them. Sometimes they say stuff like this.

Rope is inexpensive, portable, flexible, and "one size fits all," so why bother with expensive single-function restraints?

It's a rather practical, finance-based approach to the common problem of how to tie up one's lover without tying up one's bank account. And it's the first line of a postcard on "Basic Rope Bondage" that we got today.

The postcard advertises a book on the topic of rope restraint by Jay Wiseman, a Berkeley-based writer and "former ambulance crewman, former law school professor, and expert witness on BDSM matters."

His Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook will apparently teach you everything you need to know about "single-limb cuffs, double-limb cuffs, spreadeagles, hogties, and more!"

We think the tied-up-ankles logo is swell.

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