"Colonel" Robert F. Cunningham sent the following e-mail to me and apparently 134,999 other lucky people. And in what I can only imagine was some


The Craziest Birther E-Mail I Got Today and My Conversation With the "Colonel" Who Sent It

"Colonel" Robert F. Cunningham sent the following e-mail to me and apparently 134,999 other lucky people. And in what I can only imagine was some subconscious desire to destroy whatever shreds of patience and/or sanity I came to work with today, I decided to call him back.

Here's the e-mail.


Albuquerque NM 28 APRIL 2011


Just another media-hyped communist con-game - and cracked within an hour of release

- despite media coverage ever since without mention of the obvious forgery (deliberate suppression?).

While it remains available, download the pdf document from the White House site;

Then open it in Adobe Illustrator - the LAYERS are clear and absolute! A pdf file shouldn't have LAYERS and a pristine file shouldn't have evidence of tampering.

This phony document has both!

Anyone can do it and EVERYONE who does will know the damned thing is a manufactured forgery. Only communist media and politicians will continue to hype this atrocity as valid; and only RINOs (closet communists) will keep silent about, or dismiss, the issue.

We Support Responsible Email Compliance: Didn't subscribe? Getting Dupes?

Reply with the word "REMOVE" in the subject line.

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

1826 Poplar Lane SW

Albuquerque NM 87105

505 247 4843

And here's how the conversation went.

Curtis Cartier: Hi, Robert. (I got your e-mail . . . blah, blah, wanna talk?)

Col. Robert F. Cunningham: Oh you did? That's great!

CC: First off, I was curious what branch of the military you served in.

RFC: I was in the Air Force.

CC: Oh cool. And you were a Colonel? That's pretty impressive!

RFC: Well, no. I'm a Kentucky Colonel.

CC: What's a Kentucky Colonel? Is that like Colonel Sanders?

RFC: It's an honorary title bestowed to me by the state of Kentucky. Winston Churchill was one.

CC: Wow . . . So about your e-mail. The birth certificate has layers, eh?

RFC: Yeah, just look at it. Open it up Illustrator and you can see it's got layers. It's a damn forgery.

CC: I'm curious if you've read any of the conservative publications like, say, The National Review that have debunked that theory. You see, anyone can scan an image under certain settings and it will come back as having layers.

RFC: I didn't read that. And it doesn't matter, the damn thing is a forgery. The real birth certificate is the one from Mombasa.

CC: So the leader of the United States government and his staff put out a forged document with enough rookie mistakes that folks like yourself would only need an hour or two to prove it was fake?

RFC: I don't know why they did it. But that thing is so full of holes it's unbelievable.

CC: Like what else?

RFC: There was two different typewriters used.

CC: ?

RFC: Just look at the "H" on "Hawaii" and the "H" on "Hussein." Why would they use two typewriters?

CC: Why would it matter?

RFC: They did! It's obvious!

CC: What about the birth announcements that were taken out in two Hawaiian newspapers that announced the birth of Obama?

RFC: Just look at the dates on those, the announcement didn't come out until a week-and-a-half after he was born!

CC: Why does that matter?

RFC: Because why would it take so long? Around here the newspaper--which ought to be printed in red ink--puts out birth announcements within a day or two. Why would they wait so long to put Obama's announcement in the paper?

CC: I don't know. But I have to say, I'm struggling to grasp why that would matter. Why would a private newspaper with no idea that Obama would ever run for president put fake birth announcements into the newspaper shortly after his birth?

RFC: Well, a lot of people believe it's part of the 500-year Communist plan.

CC: What's that?

RFC: Communists always have plans like that. There's a five-year plan, a 50-year plan . . . All the 5-year plans they tried in Russia failed, though, so I don't know how they'd pull off a 500-year plan.

CC: So you don't believe it, or you do?

RFC: I don't know. But I know the damn birth certificate is a fake.

CC: Right. That's what you said earlier.

RFC: Let me send you another e-mail. This one will prove it.

CC: I think I'm good on that.

RFC: It's forged!

CC: OK, then.Well thanks for your time. I'll probably put up an article in a bit.

RFC: Oh, really? Great.

CC: OK, Robert. Bye bye.

RFC: Bye!

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