Seattle Residents' Approval Rating Drops to 20 Percent Among Mayor Mike McGinn's Staffers

In a new Rasputin Poll, residents of Seattle posted a dismal 20 percent approval rating among Mayor Mike McGinn and his staffers.

The numbers were published days after withering reviews surfaced in a separate poll among the formerly worshipful masses that showed them souring on McGinn's performance as mayor.

This survey instead asked the mayor's cabinet and staff members, as well as McGinn himself, to break down what percentages of the public they believed were responsible for hating him.

The results showed that a large percentage of "Ungrateful Bastards" had voted for a bike-ridin', Sierra Club-lawyerin', tunnel-opposin' teddy bear to aw-shucks the city into a new era of prosperity.

Now the respondents felt he had fulfilled all but the "new era" part, and they were pissed.

The "Goddam Commies" also made a strong showing with their bike-lanes-on-every-street and bok-choy-in-every-pot ridiculousness, as did the scattered Republicans, moderates, and tunnel engineers who made up the "Never Liked Us Anyway" group of voters.

Here's the full breakdown.

McGinn graph01.jpg

McGinn spokesman Aaron Pickus accepted that the numbers looked bad to the untrained eye. But elsewhere in the city, he noted, things were sunnier.

"I don't know if you've seen the latest numbers among UW students," Pickus said. "Strong support."

McGinn supporters, as we noted, made up a fractional-but-fanatical 20 percent of the population in the minds of McGinn staffers.

Speaking from the same Capitol Hill bar where, on election night, partygoers dropped their cocktails and made last-minute phone calls to undecided voters, one horribly malnourished Poli Sci major and McGinn volunteer awoke to find he'd dropped out of school and become a barback who lived upstairs.

"McGinn/Nader 2012!" he rasped, then hobbled away into the dark.

McGinn himself doubled down on the news, saying he was "sorely disappointed" in the public's ability to grasp what kind of man they'd put in office.

"Remember my slogan? 'He's Not Greg Nickels'?" He asked. "What did people expect?"

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