Scott Jager, Bellingham Dog Owner, Accused of Mummifying Puppy's Head With Tape "Because He Chewed"

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Scott Jager used to own a 7-month-old bloodhound named Bear. Apparently Bear likes to chew (what 7-month-old dog doesn't?). But Jager, 25, from Bellingham, allegedly had a solution for a puppy that chews. In Bear's case, he supposedly wrapped duct tape around the dog's entire face and neck and left him in a laundry room.

The story came out earlier this week in The Bellingham Herald, though we've just gotten around to posting on it now.

Apparently the Whatcom County Humane Society received a call on March 2 about a case of possible animal cruelty. Investigators showed up to a house on the 3000 block of North Shore Road, where they found Bear, mummified from the neck up with tape, only his nostrils showing.

The dog was also covered in abrasions and caked in feces.

Jager apparently told investigators that he taped the dog's head "because he chewed."

Eventually the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office got involved, and is now recommending that Jager be charged with animal cruelty.

Bear, who's described as friendly and playful but wary of people--especially men--was taken from his ex-owner and will be put up for adoption soon.

Jager, meanwhile, is said to be being "uncooperative" with the investigation. Bad man! Someone ought to wrap his head in tape or something.

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