With mom, Halloween in Hawaii.
No need to thank Donald Trump, since he already thanked himself. But Seattle can take a little bow, too, for


Perkins Coie, Seattle Law Firm, Represents Obama in Personal Matters--Like, His Birth

With mom, Halloween in Hawaii.
No need to thank Donald Trump, since he already thanked himself. But Seattle can take a little bow, too, for the disclosure of Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate and re-reconfirmation that he was born in Honolulu freakin' Hawaii, U-S-A! Ultimate thanks, of course, go to the person who got the whole thing started--the president's Seattle mom, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro. She grew up on Mercer island and was named--since Stephen Colbert asked (video below)--for her father Stanley, who had hoped for a son, then decided what da' hell. But it was Seattle law firm Perkins Coie, whose client list includes the president, that requested and obtained the certificate, taking, at least temporarily, the wind out of the Birther movement sails.

Attorney Judith Corley, a partner in Perkins' D.C. office and the president's personal counsel, wrote Hawaii's health department April 22, requesting the certificate. It was obtained Monday and released on the White House web site Wednesday, followed by a public appearance in which Obama took great joy in announcing "My name is Barack Obama. [Applause.] I was born in Hawaii. [Applause.]"

Corley has represented Obama in his personal matters since January 2010, when she assumed the position from attorney Robert Bauer, who left Perkins Coie to become White House counsel. Bauer, then the chair of Perkins' Political Law group (and a HuffPo blogger), had been the president's personal counsel since Obama came into office. Prior to that, he'd been the Obama campaign counsel, earlier assisted the Democratic presidential campaign of Bill Bradley, and was one of the attorneys aiding Bill Clinton during his impeachment.

Perkins employs more than 700 lawyers in 18 offices across the United States and in China, including a New York office opened two months ago. The firm claims its political law group--specializing in campaign finance laws, lobbying disclosure rules, and legislative and executive branch ethics codes--is the largest, most experienced of its kind in the U.S.

Corley, who started as a law clerk at Perkins, has been a partner since 1994. She has also been counsel to a would-be president, Rep. Dick Gephardt (D-Mo.), and represented America Coming Together, a tax-exempt 527 group that opposed President George W. Bush's re-election.

According to the National Law Journal, Corley also handles Obama's required financial-disclosure reports--but little else. As she told the Journal last year, "He doesn't have a lot of personal legal issues, which is a good thing, I guess. I hope it stays that way."

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