So No One Actually Left the World's Cutest Puppy in a Spokane Dumpster

dumpster puppy01.jpg
See the little Dalmatian puppy to the right, there? That's the little bugger that yesterday had dog lovers statewide howling over reports that somebody dumped her in a Spokane dumpster and left her for dead. What a tragic tale! If it were true.

It turns out that DP (short for dumpster puppy, the name given to her at the SCRAPS animal shelter) was not abandoned in a dumpster at all.

What really happened, say shelter workers, was that the "good Samaritan" lauded in news reports was just a deadbeat dog owner who couldn't afford to care for the pup and wouldn't pay the $25 release fee to bring her back--a fee that Spokane Humane Society Executive Director Dave Richardson tells Seattle Weekly is actually just a suggested donation and would have not have prevented DP's owner from dropping the dog off.

As for the hoax, SCRAPS Director Nancy Hill tells KREM:

"SCRAPS takes animal cruelty very seriously; fortunately this was not a case of animal cruelty, however it did waste the time and resources of SCRAPS Animal Protection Officers. We are trying to determine if there are any criminal charges for this false reporting at this stage."

The good news is that little DP will be available for adoption in about two weeks for the dumpster-diving price of $95.

Throw in a chance to punch DPs lowlife ex-owner in the tit, and they could probably get at least an extra $50.

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