Microsoft Continues the Dead-Playstation 3 Party With Rumored Launch of Hulu for Xbox Live

If two weeks ago someone had told Microsoft's Xbox Live team that their biggest competitor would be hacked and its entire online network taken down for more than a week, they probably would given an appreciative wink and told said jokester to scram so they could get some real work done. Well, it's been eight days now and the Playstation Network is still down. But don't worry, Team Xbox has recovered from the giddiness of already getting exactly what they wanted for Christmas, and are cramming in as many awesome promotions as possible while Sony is down on the mats.

Over the weekend, Microsoft gave away free online play to all its European Xbox Live subscribers in an attempt to set a record for the largest number of people online at one time.

Now the company is rolling out a brand-new video service for the console.

Joystiq reports that online television service Hulu will finally release its long-anticipated Hulu Plus program for Xbox Live this Friday.

Joystiq is basing its news on a read of the yet-to-be-released June issue of OXM Magazine (though Microsoft has yet to confirm it), and apparently the rollout will include plenty of goodies to lure disenchanted Playstation junkies to the dark side.

According to the magazine (if, of course, the "magazine" isn't a well-executed fake) Microsoft will promote the launch with a contest, wherein each week from April 29 through May 30, prizes will be awarded to randomly chosen Hulu Plus users. The prizes range from Beaches Resort trips to free Xbox 360 bundles and Hulu Plus subscriptions.

Over at Sony, meanwhile, the news of the day is that all the customer credit-card data that Playstation has on file may have been stolen in the hack attack that took down the network.

So yeah, they've got that going for them.

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