Malik D. Heckard, Accused Medical-Marijuana Dispensary Robber, Was Only Trying to Help Pay Rent, Says Mother

Malik Heckard is soooo grounded.
Used to be that when a teenage boy needed money he went out and got a paper route, mowed lawns, or picked on someone smaller than him. But since newspapers are barely delivered anymore, no one's lawn in Seattle needs mowing right now, and bullies get Zangief-slammed into the concrete, kids are forced to get creative. That's apparently why 16-year-old Malik D. Heckard joined his two cohorts when they tied up the employees at the GAME Collective Dispensary in West Seattle and briefly robbed them blind last month. In fact, according to Heckard's mama Kanesha, the money from the robbery wasn't even for the boy, it was to help her pay rent!

At least, that's Kanesha's lame excuse for the teenager (though, in fairness, mothers' lame excuses for their children's crimes are somewhat understandable because they are mothers).

Anyhow, she told KOMO news that her boy knew she was having trouble making ends meet, so he took it upon himself to earn some cash, or at least bring home some weed to make being evicted more bearable.

Kanesha Heckard01.jpg
Kanesha Heckard says her son Malik was only trying to help her pay rent

"I've been employed at a job for six years and I got fired . . . a few days before [the robbery] happened," Kanesha Heckard said. "We were also facing an eviction because I was fired and we didn't have any way to pay my rent, and [Malik] was scared. He saw the stress in me, and . . . I think he just wanted some money to help me."

The alleged robbery went down on March 19. As the victims tell it, Heckard, along with 24-year-old Donshae D. Sims and an unidentified 15-year-old, came into the dispensary, pulled out a gun, then tied everyone up and pried open the cash register.

Afterward, however, as the crooks were running away, a couple dispensary workers decided that shit was not going down like that on their watch. They followed the robbers, and when one dropped his gun along the way, a dispensary employee picked it up, then used it to hold one of the bandits in one place until police arrived.

Basically it looks like a horribly executed robbery in which a gun was used and hostages were taken and now all three dumbasses face robbery, burglary, and firearms charges.

Worst of all, Kanesha still needs that rent money.

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