Lynnwood Police to Rape Victim: Sorry We Called You a Liar

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Marc P. O'Leary
In 2008, an 18-year-old woman from Lynnwood told police that she'd been raped in her apartment. Officers supposedly believed her at first, but later decided that she was lying, and charged her with making a false report. But now that Marc P. O'Leary, a suspected serial rapist and allegedly the guy who raped the Lynnwood teen three years ago, has been arrested in Colorado, LPD is singing a different tune.

The department has now been forced to admit that the woman they called a liar wasn't lying at all.

The Herald reports today on Lynnwood Police Chief Steve Jensen's gut-busting meal of crow.

"We were wrong. Everybody feels terrible about it," Lynnwood Police Chief Steve Jensen said Tuesday. "We take sexual assaults very seriously. Our investigators always get charged up to get the bad guys in these cases . . . We're doing our best to make it right."

The break in the case came when O'Leary was arrested in Colorado. According to The Denver Post, he's been charged with raping a Westminster woman for two hours, in which he took some 100 photos during the attack and made the woman shower and brush her teeth afterward to destroy any DNA evidence.

He's also accused of a similar attack in Aurora, Colo.

In the local case, the victim actually pleaded guilty to the charge of making a false report and was forced to pay a $500 fine and enter a treatment program.

She's now apparently been refunded her $500, and lawyers are working on getting her criminal conviction expunged.

The reason for doubting her was supposedly because "her story kept changing."

It's good, at least, to see LPD trying to right its wrong.

Of course, if officers had believed the Lynnwood victim in the first place, the two other women who were violently raped in Colorado might never have been attacked.

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