Lester Kasten, Maryland Pot Dealer, Lights Self on Fire During Traffic Stop, Say Cops

lester kasten01.jpg
Let's face it, dudes named Lester have never had it easy. Lester Kasten, a quite depressed-looking individual from Maryland, was pulled over north of Klamath Falls, Ore., yesterday, supposedly with 30 pounds of marijuana in a suitcase in his Jeep. But instead of going quietly, Oregon State Police say he thought dousing himself with lighter fluid and striking a match would be better.

The Oregonian reports today that while police were searching his vehicle, Kasten lit himself aflame.

Firefighters were able to extinguish Kasten and his Jeep rather quickly, and he wasn't seriously harmed.

From the look of his booking photo, in fact, Kasten may have only applied the lighter fluid to the top of his head.

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