Kyle Kendrick Remains Cursed While Police Continue Search for Stolen World Series Ring

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The good news is that Phillies pitcher and Washington native Kyle Kendrick was told yesterday that a fifth suspected burglar was arrested for the break-in into his Mount Vernon home in which was stolen, among other things, Kendrick's 2008 World Series Championship ring. The bad news is that the cops still haven't found his ring, and without it he's 0-1 after getting shelled in the 12th inning against the Milwaukee Brewers.

First, the ring.

As we reported earlier this month, Kendrick's house was burglarized recently. A framed Ken Griffey Jr. jersey was stolen, along with autographed baseball gloves and bats, televisions, computers, and, most shockingly of all, his 2008 World Series ring.

Police have now rounded up five people they think are responsible. And while the ring is still unaccounted for, the cops seem to be closer than ever to tracking it down.

For the bad news, we'll turn to blogger Phil Berkery who writes " . . . just like you, I get a sinking feeling whenever Kyle Kendrick enters the game in a tight spot" before outlining steps Kendrick should take to remove his thick layer of rust.

Being that baseball players are by far America's most superstitious pro athletes, one can only imagine what kind of havoc not having his most prized possession is wreaking on Kendrick's mound mojo.

World Series Rings are like ancient Native American skulls. If they are removed from a place of worship (in Kendrick's case, the safe in his home) a curse is bestowed, which cannot be broken until the object is returned to its rightful place.

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