Kevin McGuff, New UW Women's Basketball Coach, Will Make $475,000 Per Year, Plus Benefits

Just in case anyone was wondering which Washington State employees are deemed worth the most money, Kevin McGuff, UW's just-announced replacement women's basketball coach, will be making more than Governor Chris Gregoire ($166,890 per year), Attorney General Rob McKenna ($151,717), and Health Secretary Mary C. Selecky ($141,549) combined.

McGuff's total salary will be $475,000 per year, plus benefits--nearly $200,000 more than former job holder Tia Jackson made ($280,000).

McGuff's resume at Xavier College is certainly impeccable, having become the winningest coach in the school's history at 214-73.

But keep in mind this is women's college basketball we're talking about here.

At least McGuff isn't making more than Washington's highest-paid state employee (another Husky): former UW Prez Mark Emmert at $620,000.

But he's close.

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