Kate Michelle Young, Kent Meth Smoker, Arrested for Sending Fake Anthrax Letter to President Obama

Yesterday I joked about how here at Seattle Weekly we throw out all the mail we get that has bombs and/or anthrax in it. Of course, we don't really check our mail for bombs and anthrax (we have the interns do it). But at the White House, they actually need to check for stuff like that. So when postal inspectors opened a letter addressed to President Barack Obama and found white powder and a crazy note inside, they didn't give him the parcel. Instead they sent a Secret Service agent to Kent, Wash., where they found Kate Michelle Young, the alleged author of the correspondence.

The P-I reports that the letter was not only addressed to Obama, but also had Michelle, Sasha, and Malia's names written on the back. The note inside was supposedly wrapped in plastic and filled with white powder.

It was return-addressed to Jim Sinegal, the CEO of Costco, and it said:

"Dear Obama - this is an anthrax sting, if you are scared, either mail Jim Sinegal 864.00 so you can call 911 or tell the Atty General he can have your rights too."

And it was signed "Dirty Play Sanchez."

Young allegedly also sent two similar letters to the King County Sheriff's Office, one of which said "APRIL FOOLS - P.S. I cut in the USPS. Burn COSTCO."

What could make Young so upset that she would start sending letters to authority figures with fake anthrax inside?

Methamphetamine. What else?

The Secret Service agent writes that the woman admitted to being up for days on end smoking meth and beating her boyfriend, and that she wanted to "piss off Obama."

As for the "Burn COSTCO" bit that she mailed to the sheriff's office--that was because she'd apparently been fired from there recently and was planning to sue them.

Now, mailing to the sheriff's office I understand, but the president of the free world? Does anyone really think he opens his own mail?

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