Gor-inspired art
UPDATE: Police are now searching John Hauff's property for bodies. During the abduction that landed him in jail on rape and kidnapping charges,


John Joseph Hauff, 66-Year-Old Gor Novel Fan, Arrested for Raping and Torturing Woman in Sex Dungeon

Gor-inspired art
UPDATE: Police are now searching John Hauff's property for bodies. During the abduction that landed him in jail on rape and kidnapping charges, he allegedly threatened to bury the woman he'd kidnapped in his yard. Apparently police are taking those threats seriously. More here.

Jonah Spangenthal-Lee at SeattleCrime has a doozy of a story up about a 66-year-old man from Tacoma named John Joseph Hauff and what he supposedly did to a woman he picked up near Green Lake. Fair warning, it's pretty graphic.

Supposedly Hauff picked up a 24-year-old woman at North 82nd Street and Aurora Avenue North around 9:30 p.m. on April 2 and convinced her (with money) to come back to his place for a little "role playing."

Hauff supposedly initially told the woman that he wanted to tie her wrists up and use a vibrator on her, but that that would be the extent of it. He offered her $100.

Even then, however, the woman was apparently worried enough to ask the man to stop the car so she could get cigarettes, which she did while also texting her friend his license plate number to tell her that if she wasn't back by midnight to call the police.

The woman supposedly got back in the car and kept driving with Hauff, who then told her that he needed to blindfold her so she wouldn't know where he lived. She agreed and when they arrived, he led her to a room in a mobile home and promptly padlocked a collar around her neck.

That's when things allegedly went from kinky to just plain violent.


The woman started screaming, and was able to get her blindfold off, only to realize she was shackled to the ceiling in Hauff's "torture chamber" filled with whips, syringes, belts, paddles, "sexual devices," locks, ropes, chains, tubes, and two devices designed for "administer[ing] electricity to the human body."

According to court documents, the walls in the "torture room" are eight inches thick, "making most sounds--such as screams--emanating from inside the room almost undetectable."

The woman asked Hauff to let her go, but he told her "no," put the blindfold on her, and let the room for about 15 minutes. He returned and began plucking out the woman's pubic hair, and then stuck electrodes to her and began shocking her. He did this for about three hours, police say.

Hauff then used a speculum and catheter on her, and bound her until some of her extremities turned blue.

At one point, she asked Hauff if he was going to kill her. According to police, the man told her "We'll see." He later threatened to bury her body in his yard, police records say.

Eventually the woman showed Hauff the text she had sent her friend and he spooked and let her go. He supposedly paid her an extra $200 and told her not to tell the cops before dropping her back off on Aurora Avenue.

Police eventually tracked Hauff down and arrested him while he was with another woman.

KOMO News reports that the man was supposedly into Gor novels, John Lange's, aka John Norman's, beloved 29-part series of erotic fantasy and science fiction tales in which heroic, musclebound warriors do battle and take women as slaves.

Some of the torture described by Hauff's alleged victim--especially the neck-shackling--could pass as a scene ripped directly from Norman's books.

The station also reports that when investigators searched Hauff's home, they found exactly the same bondage dungeon she described.

Investigators searched the man's home and found a torture room with walls 8 inches thick that made "most sounds -- such as screams -- emanating form inside the room almost undetectable," prosecutors wrote. The room was equipped with "i-bolts" on the floor and the walls, "consistent with the victim's description of having a chain placed around her neck, having it run to the ceiling and then being affixed to the wall," according to the request for bail.

Also found were torture devices, including syringes, belts, paddles, sexual devices, locks, ropes, chains, tubing and "two pieces that appear to be designed to administer electricity to the human body," said prosecutors.

Hauff has now been charged with assault, kidnapping, and rape. He could do life in prison if convicted.

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