'F-Bomb Bandit' Among Bank Robbers Who Made Big Headlines But Little Profit Last Year

f bomb banditss.jpg
F-Bomber at work.
Not that we're recommending it. But if you're looking for work, bank robbery seems to pay well. Of the 5,628 total reported U.S. bank robberies, burglaries, and larcenies in 2010--including 148 in Washington--more than $43 million was taken, but only $8 million recovered, according to stats released today by the FBI. Interestingly, the FBI doesn't say how many of the 5,000-plus robbers were nabbed. But among those who we know were caught purple-dye-pack-handed, such as Seattle's F-Bomb bandit, crime didn't seem to pay that well. F-Bomb, you might recall, had to split the meager $11,000 take four ways.

Shennell Kennebrew, then 16, and two other Seattle teens--along with their alleged adult mastermind Keith Sims, 40, who has an extensive crime record--are accused of holding up four banks in 2010. They allegedly took $7,600 from a Bank of America branch in Renton on Jan. 11; $500 from a Bank of America branch in Kent on Feb. 4; $913 from a Wells Fargo branch in Renton on Feb. 16; and $2,385 from an Alaska USA Federal Credit Union branch in North Seattle on Feb. 24.

Kennebrew, unarmed, allegedly handed the teller at each bank a note that began "Give me the fucking money," earning the F-Bomb nickname from the FBI. She and the others were soon arrested (she was wearing the same coat that the F-Bomber wore in the bank video), and, as teens tend to do, talked a lot. Kennebrew is fighting the charge, however, having pleaded not guilty. She is set to go to trial in two weeks, as is Sims.

The F-Bomber is unlikely to be as well-remembered, however, as other local nicknamed bank robbers, including the heavyweight Trench Coat robbers who in 1997 pulled off America's biggest bank job ever ($4,461,48), in Tacoma. There's also the flamboyant Hollywood Bandit--handsome William Scurlock, who took $1 million from a Lake City bank in 1996 and shot it out with cops--and The Shootist, Johnny Williams Jr.,who committed the longest string of bank robberies ever (from Texas in 1986 to Washington in 1994) before he was busted in Bothell.

F-Bomb is more the caliber of, say, Anthony Battiste, who knocked over 22 Seattle-area banks in the early '90s, averaging just over $2,000 a bank. His motto was quality, not quantity.

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