Daniel Gene Jeffrey, California Inmate, Charged With Sending Marriage Proposal to 14-Year-Old Kent Boy

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Daniel Gene Jeffrey doesn't let a thing like being in jail put a damper on his 14-year-old-boy flirtin' game. Nope. Police say he's quite the romantic--a regular Don Juan DeCreepo.

It started when the young boy's mom supposedly got a package in the mail.

The P-I reports:

Writing the court, Washington State Patrol Detective William Steen said the woman was surprised when a package containing clothing, jewelry, cologne and a cell phone arrived at her home along with a federal prisoner property form in Jeffrey's name. The detective noted that the phone contained nude photos of the boy.

The mom apparently continued to intercept letters between 29-year-old Jeffrey and her son over the course of several weeks, and they got weirder and weirder. One apparently started as an angry rant about wanting to "fuck him up" but ended with a marriage proposal.

Others allegedly had naked photos Jeffrey made the boy take of himself.

During the course of the supposed pen-pal relationship, Jeffrey went from an Illinois jail to a California jail, held on a probation violation from a three-year stint in prison on counterfeiting charges.

Now he'll be hauled up to Washington to face charges of communication with a minor for immoral purposes and being a world-class idiot.

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