Comment of the Week: Channel Your Sonics Rage Away From Howard Schultz--Actually, Don't!

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As you read this, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is likely still at the Costco in Issaquah, signing copies of his book Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul (UPDATE: And having anyone dressed in Sonics gear out thrown from the premises by police). It's unclear how many angry Sonics fans are there giving Schultz a piece of their mind on his gross negligence involving Seattle's once-proud, now-absent basketball team. But one reader's comment earlier this week, that fans' rage would be better spent focusing on the future and not the past, is a good argument to make--wrong, but it's still a good argument.

Here's the comment by Terryproctor:

All you whiners should redirect you efforts from the past (can't change it) to the future, (attracting another NBA team to resurrect the Sonics name.) Drink whoever's coffee you prefer, don't buy anyone's book if you don't want to and stop complaining about stuff that's history. Channel your energy to bringing the NBA back to Seattle! The Sonics WILL rise again if you do.

In response, Weekly editor Mike Seely disagreed.

Considering the Kings just stealthed their way to fucking Anaheim, I'd say the odds are long for Seattle to bring the NBA back. So let the rage continue!

Both are good points. But I tend to agree with Seely here. The chances of a new NBA team coming to Seattle are currently slim-to-none.

The Hornets are staying in New Orleans, the Kings are likely landing in Anaheim, and NBA Commissioner David Stern has sworn that he would fight any other relocations by teams, preferring instead to just downsize the league.

So until a real chance of getting a new team arises, there's nothing wrong with directing some well-earned rage at dudes like Howard Schultz.

Few could argue that he doesn't deserve it. And if the only comfort Seattle basketball fans can have is to voice occasional fury at a billionaire who did them wrong, then who is anyone to stop them?

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