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We know that keeping track of all the different Seattle police officers who are in trouble for kicking / shooting / stomping people is difficult.


Charges Dropped Against Guys Who Fought With/Got Stomped On by Off-Duty SPD Cop in Ballard

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We know that keeping track of all the different Seattle police officers who are in trouble for kicking/shooting/stomping people is difficult. So by way of a recap, Garth Haynes is the one who was caught on camera back in December stomping the head of a young man he'd been fighting with while off duty at a bar in Ballard. Well, turns out that stomping the heads of potential criminals while they are lying on the ground in handcuffs has a way of making them no longer potential criminals.

In other words, the three guys who, if not for Haynes' ill-advised noggin stomp, would likely be headed to jail for assaulting an officer, have just had their charges dropped, reports the P-I.

Here's a full breakdown of the night in question.

Haynes and a friend were boozing at the BalMar on Dec. 12 around 1 a.m. when a woman supposedly grabbed the cop and his buddy's coat and walked off. Haynes and his friend followed the woman outside and confronted her about the coats.

She said she thought the jackets belonged to a friend of hers, and after haggling for a while, she gave the coats back.

In the meantime, several dudes had gathered around the two parties, and three gentlemen started arguing with the cop and his friend, claiming that they were harassing the woman.

None of them seemed to believe that Haynes was an SPD officer, despite his producing a badge.

At some point, these three men--Jake Keegan Baijot-Clary, 21; Simon Lee Thayer, 27; and Jason Reynold Lamb, 27--supposedly attacked Haynes and his friend from behind.

The fight didn't last long, however, as backup officers soon arrived and separated the warring mob.

And while all three suspects were sitting handcuffed on the curb, one of them supposedly tried to kick Ofc. Haynes.

Obviously this move combined with the previous brawling would have been more than enough to charge, and likely convict, all three men for assault of a police officer.

But Haynes sort of ruined all that when he issued his own form of street justice by walking over and booting Baijot-Clary in his head while he was handcuffed and lying face-down on the ground, bouncing his head off the concrete.

This was picked up on the dash-cam of a nearby SPD cruiser.

Since the incident, Haynes has been reassigned to desk duty, while the rest of the department has been put through the ringer of a federal investigation into just the sort of inappropriate use of force that was quite plainly demonstrated on that Ballard sidewalk.

It was Haynes' refusal to testify in the case that actually got the charges against the three men dropped. But given that the suspects' defense lawyers would have assuredly asked about why Haynes decided to kick their client, it's not surprising that he didn't want to testify.

At any rate, the three guys are off the hook. Meanwhile, the investigation into Haynes' conduct by SPD's Office of Professional Accountability continues.

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