Boeing Pins Blame for Gaping Hole Fuselage Fiasco on Workers

boeing hole02.jpg
The last thing that Boeing wants anyone to think is that the incident in which a massive hole opened up in a Southwest Airlines 737 flying at 35,000 feet and loaded with passengers will ever happen again. And what's the best way to do that? By making sure everyone knows that it was a lowly maintenance worker or two who fucked up and not any of the engineering staff.

Here's Boeing CEO Jim McNerney telling the Associated Press that the gaping maw incident was simply a "workmanship issue."

"The initial data that I think we're all seeing is suggesting a possible workmanship issue on an airplane rather than a design issue across a fleet of airplanes," McNerney said. He emphasized the word "an" to downplay any suggestion of a wider problem.

Apparently all that initial talk about how the hole was caused by a mess of stress fractures common in a lot of 737s and how the company probably should have inspected the planes more thoroughly was just talk.

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