Benson A. Oluwarotimi, Tacoma ICE Detainee, Sues Feds for Casting "Satanic Spell" on Him

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Federal law-enforcement officers are granted additional powers beyond those of their state and local brethren. They can cross jurisdictions, arrest people for federal crimes, and generally take advantage of all the prime cop swag, like good coffee, newer cars, and surveillance equipment that wasn't built in the mid-'80s. But they also have other powers. Secret powers. Dark powers. Powers that detainee Benson A. Oluwarotimi says "altered my natural state of being."

Oluwarotimi sued the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement department for casting a "devilish spell" on him when he was arrested in Alaska and brought to Tacoma.

He'd like compensation for what he calls the "emotional distress caused by the devilish spell."

The P-I reports:

"The satanic spell automatically disabled my sense of self, sense of awareness, sense of reasoning, sense of anticipating danger and conducting myself safely around," Oluwarotimi told the court. "ICE dangerously altered my natural state of being for their own selfish end of getting me arrested and detained."

The court ended up throwing out Oluwarotimi's case for technical reasons.

Judge Voldemort handed down the ruling.

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