The last, best hope in finding survivalist bank robber and gun hoarder Brad Steven Robinett has arrived in Seattle. John Walsh and the rest of


America's Most Wanted Filming Segment in Seattle on Brad Steven Robinett, Survivalist Bank Robber, Still At Large

The last, best hope in finding survivalist bank robber and gun hoarder Brad Steven Robinett has arrived in Seattle. John Walsh and the rest of the America's Most Wanted team is currently traipsing around downtown Seattle and Bainbridge Island, recreating scenes of Robinett's robberies and escapes, along with law enforcement's dejected failures at finding him.

Mark Freid, the show's location manager, tells Seattle Weekly that today the crew is filming at the Mercer Street parking garage near Seattle Center and then will be moving to a house on West Lee Street in Queen Anne.

"It's been great filming in Seattle," Freid says. "It's not my first time filming here, and everyone from Seattle PD to the forest department to the guys at the kilt shop have been great."

For those that don't remember Mr. Robinett, allow us to fill you in.

brad robinett01.jpg
Brad Robinett is the Bear Grylls of bank robbers.
Robinett is a former marine and convicted bank robber. He's also a proficient survivalist and woodsman, known for making shelters in the forest in which he lives and hiding massive arsenals of stolen weapons.

Back in September 2009, Robinett escaped law enforcement once by jumping in his kayak and paddling into Puget Sound. Later, that November, he was spotted near the Eastgate Park-and-Ride in Seattle, driving a stolen car, but he was able to escape on foot again.

He's thought to be carrying body armor and enough guns to arm a small nation.

Here's the Washington State Patrol bulletin on him.


DOB: 09/14/1968

Robinett has been identified as a suspect that ran from a stolen vehicle in the Eastgate Park and Ride (Bellevue) on November 24, 2009.

Robinett was driving a stolen black 2009 Honda Pilot at the time. The Honda had been stolen from the Portland area, bearing switched plates belonging to a Kia Sorrento from Vancouver, WA.

On September 12, 2009, Bainbridge Island had a similar run-in with Robinett, who fled with another Portland-area stolen Honda Pilot, bearing switched plates stolen in Vancouver. A stolen handgun and stolen body armor were recovered in the Bainbridge case.

Robinett appears to be living in the stolen vehicles and in both Pilot cases had rigged a curtain that snapped to the roofline to conceal his presence in the vehicle. Robinett has a history of auto theft and bank robbery and it is possible he was casing a local bank when contacted by WSP. WSP, Bainbridge Island, FBI, and Marshals service are currently actively looking for Robinett. He has an outstanding felony warrant for escape and unlawful possession of a firearm (OCA: 0860525920 - US Marshals). PC exists for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and Property from the WSP case.

Robinett is known to be a survivalist and very active, normally running 3 miles daily. He is believed to be armed at all times and possibly equipped with body armor. It is likely he is living in a stolen vehicle and/or outdoors in a secluded area.

The America's Most Wanted episode will air a week from this Saturday, says Freid.

And Lord knows that if John Walsh and the AMW crew can't catch Robinett, no one can.

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