Amazon to Offer Discount Kindle (That's Crammed Full of Ads)

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How much is the fact that your Kindle doesn't try and sell you toothpaste worth? Because if it's worth $25 or less, then Amazon has quite the deal!

The AP reports that beginning May 3, folks can get a new Kindle for $114--that's $25 less than the lowest-priced Kindle is now.

The only catch being, you'll be subjected to the siren songs of digital advertisers while you're reading Stieg Larsson's The Girl With the Flaming Hornet Dragon or whatever it's called.

Kindle director Jay Marine said in an interview Tuesday that the release of a cheaper, ad-studded Kindle is Amazon's way of getting the device into the hands of more people. But it also shows Amazon is getting more aggressive in its efforts to lure consumers tempted by competing e-readers and bombarded by ads for Apple Inc.'s latest iPad and a growing number of competing tablet computers.

So how many extra ads are we talking about here? It's tough to say, but descriptions of the updated device talk about a screen-saver that shows ads and an ad banner running across the bottom of the of the device that "changes frequently."

So essentially, Amazon is betting that its constant stream of ads will convince readers to purchase well more than $25 worth of crap, thus justifying the discount.

I say, why stop there? The company could offer a Kindle with ads running across the whole screen and only a small banner across the bottom containing the book text.

Better yet, make the Kindle double as a projector that lights up the user's face with Nike and Pepsi ads so everyone who walks by can see the ads too.

Seriously, Amazon. Call me. I gots ideas.

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