Amazon Quotes Steve Jobs Himself in Defense of "Appstore" Trademark Suit

Steve_Jobs app store01.jpg
Ever since Apple sued Amazon to keep the company from using the term "Appstore" to describe its "Store" that sells "Apps," the online retailer has been struggling to come up with an airtight defense to use in court. Thankfully for Amazon, Steve Jobs himself is helping them out on that front.

Amazon, just like Microsoft, has long argued that the term "app store" (note the lower case) is now generic enough that it can't be trademarked (as Apple claims its specific App Store most certainly is).

But Amazon points out that Mr. Jobs himself has referred to the word in its generic, lower-case form before.

The company's lawyers write:

In press releases, Apple has claimed that its app store is 'the largest application store in the world.' In October 2010, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs called Apple's app store 'the easiest-to-use, largest app store in the world, preloaded on every iPhone.'

So does having the largest "app store" in the world make it an "App Store"?

That's for the courts to decide.

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