All Signs Point to New Nintendo Wii On Its Way Next Year

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Looking through Nintendo's schedule of upcoming games for the Wii is something one can do rather quickly. There simply aren't many to look at. Now we hear the company is slashing prices on the gaming system itself, from $200 down to $150. So either Nintendo is looking to get out of the console-gaming market that it pioneered, or it's simply got a new system in the works. Smarter nerds than me are leaning toward the latter conclusion.

The Consumerist reports that anonymous sources have confirmed that Nintendo will announce the follow-up console to the Wii at the Electronic Entertainment expo in June, if not sooner.

The console itself wouldn't be ready until next year, of course, but Nintendo could soon officially claim the mantle of the having the latest next-generation console to look forward to.

Already, game sites are reporting specs for the new system as supporting HD video and a touch-screen controller, and having "more power" than either the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3.

Of course, many are still wondering what the system will do on the 3-D front. Nintendo made waves with its newest offering--the portable 3DS--but the company's top dog in the United States, Reggie Fils-Amie, has claimed that the new system won't have 3-D capabilities.

Whether he's bluffing or not remains to be seen.

But it would seem that we'll have a few more answers very soon.

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