A Look at the Dead Mouse the Dude Found in His Monster Energy Drink, and a Theory on How He Got It There

Because there has to be an explanation.

In case you forgot (or are new to The Daily Weekly), Vitaliy Sulzhik says he was choking down a Monster Energy Drink, powering through his Fred Meyer shopping trip, when he slurped down the bottom of the can and felt some "debris" go in his mouth.

Next he says he "looked in the can and I saw the tip of the tail and I vomited everywhere."


Anyhow, no one had a photo of the rodent, until now.

Thanks, KING-5!

Monster Mouse01.jpg

Now here's my (completely unproven) theory on how he did it.

Sulzhik, a cunning 19-year-old and possible KGB spy, tracked down a mouse and captured it live. Next he drowned the bastard in a pint glass full of Monster.

Covering the top of the glass, he stored the rodent in the drink for two months, pickling the creature flawlessly and softening the skeleton.

Next he purchased a new can of Monster. Drank it. Pumped up. Got wild. Then, oh so carefully, he stuffed the softened mouse inside.

Then he called a lawyer.

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