? With one location already open on Rainier Avenue South, Seattle Cannabis Co-op recently opened a second storefront in Ballard (7701 15th Ave. N.W.). The


Toke Signals: Bringing Buds to Ballard

?With one location already open on Rainier Avenue South, Seattle Cannabis Co-op recently opened a second storefront in Ballard (7701 15th Ave. N.W.). The store is quite small, but pleasant to visit and carries a very good selection of cannabis and an excellent choice of edibles.

Immediately upon entering, I was impressed with its relaxed and homey atmosphere; there was even a little dog sauntering around the place. The two attractive young ladies who staffed the counter made me feel welcome, and as a new patient, I got a free two-gram sample of marijuana (strain not identified, but decent stuff).

SCC's glass display case features strains of marijuana in jars across the top. Inside, the case is stuffed with one of the biggest varieties of delicious-looking cannabis edibles I've ever seen. Of course there were brownies, but there were also lollipops, cookies, crackers, tinctures (13 flavors!), teas, and a plethora of other treats.

The shop has no fewer than six different flavors of chocolate bars: pistachio, almond cranberry, milk chocolate, white chocolate blueberry, raspberry, and kona, all "made with lots of LOVE, unsweetened chocolate, and cannabis butter."

If you prefer saltier snacks, they've got you covered there as well, with medicated Goldfish. Cannabis-infused olive oil and vegetable oil are also offered, while cannabutter is available by order only.

Even the cannabis teas are available in multiple flavors, with spiced, peppermint, and ginger peach. "The peppermint is great in this cold weather," says the SCC literature. "It has no caffeine and is a great bedtime tea to wind down and relax." Each bag makes a gallon, and two tea bags come in a package.

SCC also carries specialty edibles such as vegan and gluten-free items; ask for details.

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Photo: Steve Elliott
The Hawaiian Snow was surprisingly good at $8/gram. In fact, for my money it outshined the $13 Dankest Kahn.
?Then, of course, there's the marijuana. Variety is the word here as well, and SCC has price points of $13 a gram (Pineapple Express and Purple Dream), $12 (Velvet Kush), $11 (three strains), $10 (three strains), $9 (eight strains), $8 (five strains), $7 (Purple Haze and Jock Horror), $6 (Deep Purple and Jelly Beans), along with three bargain selections for low-income or budget-conscious patients, "5 Buck Chuck" for $5 a gram, "Budlings" (small buds) for $4 a gram, and Stimulus Package, "the best shake around," a real buy at $3 a gram.

I selected one top-shelf $13 strain (Pineapple Express), one $9 strain (Dankest Kahn, which was on special for $8 the day I visited), and some $8 a gram Hawaiian Snow.

If you're the type of patient who is interested in the genetic backgrounds of your cannabis strains, you should arm yourself with that information before visiting SCC. When I asked about the genetics of one of the varieties on display, I was told by one of the (again, quite pleasant and friendly) young ladies that "all of the strains are hybrids," which is mostly true but not particularly useful.

The Pineapple Express was frankly a bit disappointing, feeling underpowered at $13 a gram. Somewhat better was the Dankest Kahn, which has a pleasantly spicy taste and rapid onset, but limited sustain. Oddly, my favorite may have been the Hawaiian Snow, a good buy at $8 a gram, which looked and tasted like a slightly early harvest. (I should mention I rather enjoy the high-energy aspect of early-harvested buds.)

Qualified patients with approved paperwork can call SCC's Ballard store at (206) 783-0668, email them at or visit their website at Store hours are 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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