Tim Lincecum's Twin Mustache Caterpillars Crawl on New York Times T Cover

tim incecum02.jpg
In a move vindicating 14-year-old boys nationwide, San Francisco Giants hurler and Seattle bachelor-pad maintainer Tim Lincecum and his scraggly, unwatered gardens of face grass greeted millions of readers Sunday on the cover of The New York Times T Magazine.

The Freak comes off in the piece as wholly unaccustomed to his continuing association with anything cool and/or sexy--like being on the cover of fashion magazines.

t lincecum01 mustache.jpg
Tim Lincecum shows off the new "Anti-Hitler" mustache style.
He also drops some tidbits about his progress as an athlete, and why he still looks as though at any second he might put on a baby-blue tuxedo and go pick up his prom date.

Lincecum's talent was apparent early, but his size was an issue. His freshman year in high school, he was still just 4-foot-11 and 85 pounds; a year later, he was 5-foot-3 and barely 100. "Before the season started, it was always a question of: Am I still going to be able to hang with these guys?" Lincecum said. "People were maturing, and I was still prepubescent."

Thankfully, Timmy's stayed more or less the same since then.

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