Seattle Is the Third Most Miserable City in the Country

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Face it, you're miserable. Here it is two days from April, and it's still rainy as shit and windy to boot. The Huskies are out of the Big Dance, the Cougs are out of the small one, the mayor has a 28 percent approval rating, and the police force might shoot you if you look at them funny. In fact, Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal say Seattle is the third most miserable city in the U.S.

Of course, the same list ranks Detroit--a city abandoned by a quarter of its residents since 2000--at #17 on the list. And that's still worse than Cleveland, which has nearly been annexed into unincorporated state land since LeBron's departure, and is ranked 19th most miserable.

So take it with a grain of salt.

Apparently author Kathleen Madigan used things like unemployment, gas prices, and home values to calculate what constitutes "misery."

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The only thing that lends the list any more credence is the fact that it ranked Phoenix as the most miserable city of all.

Having grown up there, I can attest that anyone who's weathered a summer and managed not to die of heatstroke or be arrested by Sheriff Joe will still likely count those months as only slightly preferable to having their fingernails pried off with a butter knife.

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