Qwest Field to Be Renamed CenturyLink Field--It Could Be Worse

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In the world of corporate-sponsored sports facilities, seeing a stadium get a new name is often an exercise in controlling one's gag reflex. For almost seven years now, what had been Seahawks Stadium has been called Qwest Field. But now, with Qwest set to be eaten in a merger with Louisiana-based telecom company CenturyLink, the Seahawks and Sounders' home's name will be changed too. And while CenturyLink Field doesn't exactly roll of the tongue, it's certainly not the worst stadium name in sports. Here are 10 others that are truly terrible.

10. Valley View Casino Center (San Diego, Calif.). Home to arena football and ice hockey, this stadium has no casinos and views no valleys. At least it's a somewhat a better name than the previous one, the iPayOne Center.

9. Littlejohn Coliseum (Clemson, S.C.). Robin Hood is a great story. But naming the Clemson University Tigers basketball stadium after one of them is just weird.

8. Quicken Loans Arena (Cleveland, Ohio). OK, we realize that a corporation that buys naming rights to a stadium gets to name it. But Quicken Loans? Really?

7. Taco Bell Arena (Boise, Idaho). See above.

6. Energy Solutions Center (Salt Lake City, Utah). Ironic, seeing as the Jazz b-ball home probably wastes more energy than any building around it.

5. Dick's Sporting Goods Park (Colorado Rapids, Colo.). I like Dick's, don't get me wrong. But the name on a sporting-goods store or a burger joint is one thing, a stadium is another.

4. Glass Bowl Stadium (Toledo, Ohio). Actually, maybe this is a great name. The last glass bowl I had was full of all kinds of awesome.

3. Petco Park (San Diego, Calif.). How many people have shown up to this place with their dog and a Frisbee only to be told that the San Diego Padres have it reserved all day?

2. Dunkin Donuts Center (Providence, R.I.). Originally the company had wanted to rename the local police headquarters this.

1. Jobing.com Arena (Glendale, Ariz.). Putting a .com name on a stadium is obviously the most soul-crushing sellout of a name change that any sports franchise can endure. But furthermore, what the hell is "jobing" anyway?

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