Pullman Police Arrest More Than Three Times as Many People for Marijuana Possession as Spokane Police

So it turns out that the Pullman Police Department isn't only targeting black college athletes in marijuana-possession sweeps. Actually, cops in Pullman are targeting everyone--to the tune of handing out more than three times as many pot-possession citations per resident as in neighboring and much larger Spokane, more than twice as many overall.

The Spokesman-Review reported the story on Tuesday, basing its figures on arrests for marijuana possession per 1,000 people.

The news comes after not one, not two, but three star Washington State University basketball players were arrested for marijuana possession--the latest being forward DeAngelo Casto, which came after an officer peeked into his apartment window and saw him rolling a joint.

Last year, Pullman police arrested 104 people for misdemeanor marijuana possession; the city's population is about 29,800. In Spokane, a city of 208,916 people, 221 were arrested on the same charge.

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According to the 2000 census, 50 percent of Pullman's population is 18-24 years old, while only 11 percent of Spokane's fell into that age group, despite the presence of a handful of colleges and universities. That level of age detail isn't yet available from the most recent census.

And those numbers are even lower than this year's so far. Apparently PPD is already on track to make 60 percent more marijuana-possession arrests this year than last.

Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant explains the disproportion as merely a product of having so many dope-smoking Cougars in town.

It's a conclusion that would explain perhaps a smaller ratio difference in the number of pot arrests, but the threefold difference shown in the stats would seem to require a better excuse than "There's just so many students."

Furthermore, Tennant makes the bizarre leap of reason that by cracking down on pot-smoking and parties, the department is, in effect, stopping rapes and assaults.

"If you deal with the little things, you don't have to deal with the big things. We deal with alcohol. We deal with marijuana possession. We deal with parties, noise, and party trash. By doing that, we deal with fewer assaults, rape, and damage to property."

Thank God. Can't tell you how many women I know who have been accosted by pot-smoking rapists.

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