North Seattle Woman Reports Assault by Frisbee

The jogging woman came to a stop. She locked gazes with one of three men throwing a Frisbee in a triangle pattern across Northeast 125th Street. Then it happened.

One of them chucked the Frisbee directly at her, she says, and it hit her in the thigh and gave her a bruise.

The P-I reports that after throwing the disc at her, the group of yerk-toting, Frisbee-chucking cheeba-monkeys laughed at her like big meanies.

After that, the woman says she was going to drop the issue, but the trio of evil hippies followed her home and drove by her house in a black Subaru and pretended to throw the Frisbee at her again.

Enough was enough at that point, and the woman called the police.

The woman "stated she was not interested in making a big deal out [of] the issue and did not want to see anyone get into trouble," Officer Jeffrey Mitchell wrote in the report. "[She] stated she just wanted the subjects talked to."

Afterward, the cops interviewed some neighbors and found out which patchouli-scented den the men live in. One neighbor even told them that a Frisbee chucked by the dudes had barely missed him in his car earlier that day.

In the end, however, police went to the men's house, knocked on the door, and when no one answered, they dropped the case.

Apparently Frisbee justice is not the highest priority on SPD's list.

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