Michael J. Capretta--Neighbor Who Killed Dog, Stored Dead Cats in Freezer--Sued Post-Suicide for Being Worst Neighbor Ever

Molly the dog.
Where to start with Michael J. Capretta? Maybe we'll start with the golden retriever mix he almost certainly shot and dragged behind an ATV until she was dead. Or maybe with the dead cats found in his freezer, or the Himalaya-sized mountain of cat feces he apparently put on his property just to be a dick. But considering that the man is now dead, perhaps we should start there.

Capretta committed suicide shortly after being charged with animal cruelty, following the death of Molly, the beloved retriever/lab mix of Mary Fairhurst and her family in Snohomish, Wash.

Despite Capretta's death, the Fairhursts are now suing his estate over emotional trauma from the dog's death and from years of putting up with quite possibly the worst neighbor of all time.

KOMO News reports that in the dog-death incident, the Fairhursts had heard a gunshot and ran out to find Molly with a bullet wound in her chest. There they found Capretta riding an ATV nearby, and after nearly running Ms. Fairhurst over with the vehicle, he supposedly proceeded to tie a cord around the injured dog's neck and then drive off, dragging Molly behind the ATV until she was dead.

Police came, and although Capretta initially denied he had anything to do with the dog's death, they found her collar in his pocket and his ATV hidden in bushes not far from where Molly's now-lifeless body lay.

It wasn't the first dog that Capretta most likely shot.

In 2006, apparently the Fairhursts were dog-sitting another pooch when Molly and the other dog escaped. One gunshot was heard and the other dog was never seen again.

Barely two weeks later, Molly got out again and another gunshot was heard. This time Molly came back with shotgun buckshot in her back, though she managed to survive.

In both cases, Capretta denied he had anything to do with it.

When he wasn't shooting dogs, Capretta apparently spent his time being a prick in general--though his methods were far from typical.

For example, after he cut down a bunch of the Fairhursts' trees and started the original feud, he decided to have several wrecked cars imported to his property and put on blocks in his yard just so his neighbors would have something ugly to look at outside their window.

Later he began to pile an epic mountain of cat shit near the border of his and the Fairhursts' property until finally ordered by the county to bury the pile--a task that apparently required an industrial-strength excavator to accomplish.

Finally, after all the shot dogs, wrecked cars, and cat crap, when Capretta had ended his own life, investigators looked around his property and found multiple freezers full of dead cats.

It's unclear how much money the family is seeking from the Capretta estate. But if anyone is going to make the case that they require compensation due to a neighbor's extreme horribleness--dead or not--it's probably the Fairhursts.

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