Longview Man Says Attackers Tortured Him With Hot Knife

hot knife01.jpg
A 23-year-old Longview man walked into the St. John Medical Center on Sunday with his face and arms covered with burns. He says they were the result of some Reservoir Dogs-caliber torturing.

The Daily News reports today that the man said attackers broke into his house armed with baseball bats and guns, looking for a guy they said owed them $3,000.

He didn't know or wouldn't say where the debtor was. So he says the crew made him strip naked, then they let a butter knife sit on the lit stove for several minutes. You can guess what they did with it next.

Police are "looking into the matter" now.

We're thinking they should check with The Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man. He's been known to engage in similar activities (preferring a coat-hanger) since 1993.

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