Laura L. Hickey, Centralia Mother, Arrested for Decapitating Her Premature Infant

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Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer says that when 25-year-old Laura Lynn Hickey went to the hospital on March 2, she told doctors that she'd just had a miscarriage. Asked where the dead child was, she said he was at home. Investigators indeed found the tiny baby at Hickey's home at the Peppertree West Motor Inn in Centralia, but the state in which they found him suggests it was anything but a miscarriage.

Specifically, the infant's head had been cut off with a knife and its remains stuffed in a container under the sink.

Meyer tells Seattle Weekly that Hickey is currently in Lewis County Jail and that he plans on charging her today with first-degree murder, assault, and possession of methamphetamine.

"Obviously any time there is a human life taken, it's tragic," he says. "But when it's a child that's killed, no words can describe it."

Meyer also said the woman has two other children who had previously been turned over to Child Protective Services, though he didn't know the circumstances of their forfeiture.

An autopsy had been performed on the child that showed he was alive when he was decapitated. The fact that he was born only 21 weeks into his development will not matter in terms of criminal charges, Meyer says.

The Centralia Chronicle reports that Centralia Police Officer John Panco said the woman has already admitted to killing the baby.

Before she allegedly cut the child's head off, it seems Hickey took the time to name him.

Caleb Jacob Hickey was the name she picked.

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