Kristopher Kizer, Ex-King County Sheriff's Deputy, Arrested for Stealing K-9's Training Drugs

When law-enforcement officers train narcotics-sniffing dogs to do their thing, they use confiscated drugs in the training exercises. Kristopher Kizer knows this well. He trained a K-9 unit as a King County Sheriff's Deputy assigned to the Eastside Narcotics Task Force. He also once got reprimanded for possibly drugging two women's drinks in Medford, Ore. (though charges were never filed). So it somehow seems a little less surprising that Deputy Roofie just got caught with a bunch of his old canine partner's training dope.

KING-5 reports that Kizer was arrested in Lincoln County, Ark., where he'd gone after resigning from the King County Sheriff's Office a month ago, allegedly taking the doggie drugs with him.

Unfortunately for Kizer, he's going through what appears to be a messy divorce, and when his soon-to-be ex-father-in-law was packing up his stuff, he found a bunch of first-aid boxes packed full of meth and cocaine, so he called police and told them. By then an investigation was already under way and the father-in-law's info only worked to seal Kizer's fate.

The latest cache of drugs found in Kizer's possession is far from his only problem. The Bellevue Reporter notes that there was at least one other occasion on which he checked out narcotic dog-training aids and never returned them. The drugs included meth, ecstasy, and crack.

Kizer's issues began before the drug allegations surfaced. He apparently once made up a story about his wife having a miscarriage, and "acted strangely," according to his fellow deputies. In the midst of all this, Kizer's father was murdered by his mother.

This seemingly sent the man into a tailspin, and he used up all his vacation time, then refused to come to work after that. Soon after, he was "encouraged" to resign. And he did.

He allegedly just never gave his drugs back.

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