Joseph E. Duncan, Northwest Serial Child Killer, Rapist, and Blogger, Racks Up 10th Life Sentence for 10-Year-Old's Death

For those keeping a tally, Joseph E. Duncan has now racked up 10 life sentences and three death sentences over the course of his miserable existence. And unfortunately for his fans, he hasn't been online to blog about the latest one.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise reports that Duncan pleaded guilty on Tuesday to the murder and torture of 10-year-old Anthony Martinez in 1997. In court, the bullet-proof-vested killer mumbled "guilty" under his breath when the judge asked him how he would plead.

Duncan got his start as a scumbag early. He has said that as early as 8 years old, he was having incestuous sex with female relatives, and by 12 he forced a young boy to perform oral sex on him.

In 1978, at 15, he told therapists that he'd raped a 9-year-old boy at gunpoint in Tacoma. A year later, he tied up six boys and raped them. In fact he's admitted to raping some 13 younger boys by age 16.

A year later in 1980, he copped his first actual criminal charge when he broke into a neighbor's house, stole a bunch of guns, then sodomized a boy at gunpoint.

Duncan eventually did 14 years of a 20-year prison sentence. But afterward, things got real nasty.

in 1997 he kidnapped Martinez in Beaumont, Calif., raped and murdered him, then left him dead in the desert.

shasta groene01.jpg
Shasta Groene was the only survivor of her five-person family when Duncan got done with them.
It was the case of Shasta Groene and her family, however, that brought national attention to Duncan. He broke into Brenda Groene and Mark McKenzie's home in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, in 1996, tied them up with zip-ties, and killed them both along with their son Slade Groene before kidnapping their two other children, Shasta and Dylan, and hitting the road.

He eventually killed Dylan as well, but was caught when a Denny's waitress recognized him and Shasta and delayed his meal until he was arrested.

Duncan's history is packed full of other disgusting criminal acts, many of which can be seen here. But needless to say he's now been convicted of enough crimes to make it seem the only point in keeping him alive is to convict him of even more.

In 2004, Duncan started the blog "The Fifth Nail" in a reference to the mythical "Fifth Nail" that was supposedly driven into Jesus, but then hidden in Rome. He wrote entries from prison, which were uploaded onto the blog by a "ghost blogger," and he used the site to lobby against state and federal pedophile laws, which he found unfair.

He also wrote really scary posts with titles like "The Demons Have Taken Over" that say things like:

They've locked up the "Happy Joe" person in the same dungeon that "Happy Joe" kept them in for so many years. Now they are loose and I am very afraid.

In the process Duncan garnered legions of "fans" and haters--the former being mostly religious zealots who tried to help him "find God."

Duncan's last entry, however, was in May 2005. It seems that finally, with more consecutive life and death sentences than most killers could ever hope to compile, Duncan is speechless.

In the meantime, the murderer has also admitted to killing two Seattle kids in 1996: 9-year-old Carmen Cubias and her 11-year-old half sister Sammiejo White. Charges in those cases, however, are unlikely--and really, besides offering some closure to the victims' family, would likely only delay Duncan's date with the needle.

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