Enslavement and Rape Charges Face Longview Couple Accused of Forcing Teen to Do Housework

When Edk Kenit and Choimina Lukas took in a 19-year-old immigrant from their native Micronesia to live at their home in Longview, one has to imagine that the girl didn't expect to be a housework slave and frequent rape victim. A grand jury is convinced that's exactly what she endured, and has indicted Kenit and Lukas for essentially forcing a life of indentured servitude onto a woman with little recourse to stop it.

As reported by the Longview Daily News, prosecutors say that from March of last year through Feb. 20, the victim was forced to do housework around the couple's home for no pay and faced threats of violence if she didn't obey.

Micronesia is made up of thousands of small islands, located northeast of Australia.
Kenit is also accused of repeatedly raping the woman.

And despite Lukas supposedly taking her passport and legal paperwork, the victim did manage to escape once. The couple, however, supposedly left no stone unturned in their eventually successful efforts to find her and drag her back to her life of thankless toil.

The investigation into the affair went as high as the state's Homeland Security Investigations Office, and is being tried by a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Leigh Winchell, a special agent in charge of Washington's HSI office, called her conditions "a world of isolation and servitude."

The trafficking charges facing the couple are Class A felonies and carry a maximum sentence of life in prison--a place where even inmates can expect to earn a few dollars for the menial labor they do.

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