Cyclist Gets Jacket Stolen Right Off His Back by Car Passenger

cabelas jacket02.jpg
OK, that's it. The world has officially gone crazy.

When a man can't ride his bike down the road without some goon in a car jumping out and yanking his jacket off of him, things need to change.

Or said biker needs to stop being a wuss and show some fight. I's your jacket, pal. On your back!

At any rate, The Kitsap Sun reports today that the victim was riding his bike north on Greaves Way from Old Frontier Road in Silverdale when a white Subaru station wagon passed him and then backed up--obviously intrigued.

Apparently the passenger in the car had started taking a liking to the cyclist's fine brown and green Cabela's jacket, so he jumped out of the car, stopped the guy on the bike, ripped it from his torso, got back into the Subaru, and took off.

A witness later confirmed the account to police.

Police are also worried that the thief may be tied to a string of lunch-money robberies and noogie assaults in the area as well.

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