Courtney Love Opens Twitter Sweatshop

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In a span of four hours last night, Courtney Love (and possibly an enslaved staff of 12-fingered eunuchs) sent out 60 Tweets on Love's brand-new Twitter account. The topics ranged from a boyfriend-stealing bitch who is "leathery" and "stupid" to how she wants "jello shots dribbling down to his pot belly," all while using the word "deign" far too often.

Getting a new Twitter account is a big deal for Love. She was banned from Twitter for more than two months earlier this year for spewing hateful (and apparently libelous) things at fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir, who had asked her to pay for some clothes she'd bought--the nerve!

But since she shelled out $430,000 to pay off Simorangkir and end the lawsuit, she's seemingly been let back onto the site again.

Gawker confirmed the account as hers last night.

So, fittingly, her first Tweet was directed at someone she now hates--comedian Chelsea Handler, who's now dating her ex, hotelier Andre Balazs. @chelseahandler i think you are a leathery idiot and rude. and beyond stupid.less than a minute ago via Plixi

From there it went to the seemingly drug-fueled--

i actaully made a dare with someone not to be on this anymore and the day he stops being in a blackout ill get off o it again, frances rightless than a minute ago via web

--to the obviously bitter--

but i dont think hes evil, in fact hes very much not evil, he just has a bourgoise, shallow vapid alchoholic, coke and sex addiction side,less than a minute ago via web

--to the just plain weird:

@Thebritishladyv i wouldnt deign, to talk to that thing i just wanna see terrycloth jello shots melting down abs pot bellyless than a minute ago via web

And it keeps going and going and going--though, surprisingly, without any new naked photos of herself.

It seems now that perhaps Twitter didn't boot her for being vulgar and libelous, but for simply overloading the site's servers with content.

Check it out the next time you find some old brain cells lying around you don't need.

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