Emmanuel Athans, Local Microsoftie, Finally "Winning" With Charliesheenfanclub.com, a Site He Bought in 2007

Emmanuel Athans has three words for his decision to spend a few dollars to buy charliesheenfanclub.com back in 2007: "Best. Investment. Ever."

His bare-bones page features little more than a list of Athans' favorite Sheen flicks, a discussion forum (recently added), a pic of the actor in a denim jacket, and a button graphic that says "I (Heart) Charlie."

Regardless, he says traffic on the site has skyrocketed about 900 percent in the last few weeks.

ammanuel athans01.jpg
Emmanuel Athans' Charlie Sheen fan site is all of a sudden very popular.
Only recently has Athans decided to connect an e-mail to the account. And since he has, he's received a flood of mail from fans, foes, and anyone else who wants to get in on Sheen's "winning" attitude.

"I was bored at work one day," says Athans, a 38-year-old Seattleite who works as a UX designer at Microsoft. "I started wondering if Charlie Sheen had a fan club because I wanted to join. I love his movies. Turns out the site was open. So within half an hour, I bought the URL, put up some HTML, and there it was. Now all of a sudden a ton of people are e-mailing."

Athans was recently interviewed by a radio station in Iceland about his site, and people write in regularly thinking that he is in fact Charlie Sheen.

Some of his favorite e-mails include:

I don't know if you will read this message or not , but i wish you the very best, i love all your movies and four and half men......

You are my idol and keep up your lifestyle the way you want it. You worked hard and retire on some island with horney (sic) women and party to your hearts content. Let me tell you I can keep up with you line for line or rock for rock.

Your (sic) Dad and your Brother need to lock you in a room and just kick the living shit out of you!!! Yes, I mean either your brother or your father needs to break your jaw or something similar.

emmanuel athans02.jpg
Athans' workspace is nothing but Charlie Sheen and Hannah Montana
One of the first things many fans might notice about Athans' site is that it really is a fan site. There's no mention of tiger blood, Adonis DNA, seven-gram rocks, or any of the transmissions from Mars that Charlie's been sending out of late.

That's the way he wants to keep it too.

Athans is a fan of the Charlie Sheen who strutted out of the dugout and threw heat in Major League; the one who racked up thousands of confirmed kills Hot Shots; the one who provided a police-station psychiatry cameo in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Athans loves actor Charlie Sheen, not rodeo clown Charlie Sheen. "I love Sheen's films. I'm still hoping for Major League Four," Athans says. "I hope things don't go too much farther south for him."

As for what he wants to do with the site, Athans is on the fence. The smart thing would be to sell the URL or turn it into a one-stop-shop for everything Winning. But he says the latter is a line he won't cross. The only way he'd let the site be changed significantly is if Sheen himself asks.

"Look, if Charlie wanted the site, I'd say, go ahead, you can have it, let's just party for a weekend," he says. "Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think I could keep up."

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