Bill Wheeler's Replacement Sexpresso Stand Goes Up in Flames: Did Bill Light the Fire?

Much like its original owner, strange things keep happening to Bill Wheeler's sexpresso stand. First, like him, the stand disappeared. He vanished somewhere in Las Vegas last year, and remains missing, perhaps dead. The chartreuse stand vanished last month from its Everett location, repossessed by the seller, and remains elsewhere.

Wheeler's wife (if not widow), Carol, who replaced Bill as owner, replaced the stand with another. Then Monday, someone set that stand ablaze, much like someone set Bill's truck ablaze last year and abandoned it in the California desert. Could these similarities be a sign? Is Wheeler perhaps alive and running around putting a spiteful match to his belongings?

No, really. His wife/widow, after all, thinks he's still alive, although other members of the family suspect she had something to do with his disappearance and believe he's dead. But under Carol's scenario, he burned up his own truck and went into hiding. To extend that theory, perhaps he got mad enough, seeing his wife/widow take over his beloved business and rename it for herself, to work his way north and angrily torch the stand. The Everett Herald reports the fire was set just after midnight Monday at Carol's Grab N' Go espresso, in the 8000 block of Broadway.

The bikini barista stand was the target of a two-month undercover police investigation in 2009 after police received complaints that the baristas were selling more than java. Five baristas were charged with prostitution. The stand was repossessed in February because the former owner, Bill Wheeler, failed to fully pay for the structure. A new stand quickly took its place...Wheeler disappeared in May 2010 during a trip to Las Vegas. His burned-out Toyota pickup truck was later found abandoned at a dump site in the California high desert.

There was, however, another Everett coffee stand burned that same night, the Herald also reports--one that, unlike the Bill/Carol stand, didn't feature bikini-clad baristas. Then again, Bill could have torched that one too, just to confuse the cops. He was smart enough when it came to getting around the law, friends say, and, if he was just trying to get even with Carol, prone to do the wild thing. As Bill's sister said about Wheeler--who was married five times to four wives--when it came to women, "Bill just had no brains."

Just sayin'.

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