Bill Gates Is a Piñata Full of Mexican Cash

bill gates mexican01.jpg
Forbes just published its much-anticipated list of the most disgustingly rich people in the world. Bill Gates is on there, but he's stuck at #2 with a paltry net worth of $56 billion. It seems that nowadays a huge chunk of Gates' wealth is tied up in the Mexican stock market and Mexican companies like Femsa and Grupo Televisa. Are those code nombres for the Mexican drug cartels?

No, but they apparently make even more dinero than the cartels.

In fact, the #1 richest man in the world is a real live Mexican. Telecom mogul Carlos Slim added about $20.5 billion to his horde last year and has a $74 billion net worth--that's $888 billion pesos, if you're feeling like a fiesta.

Meanwhile, the average household income in the United States is about $52,000 per year (per 75 seconds or so if you're Carlos Slim).

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