Beaver Bloodbath in Mill Creek: Seven Dead Animals Clog Road

Wildlife experts say they've never seen anything like it. An entire family of beavers turned into roadkill near the corner of 132nd Street Southeast and 35th Avenue Southeast in Mill Creek made the intersection look like it was "strewn with dogs."

The Herald reports today that seven beavers in all were found dead on the road Tuesday. And at around 40 pounds each on average, the carcasses presented significant navigational challenges for drivers--a task several obviously failed at.

Sgt. Randy Lambert with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife tells The Herald that he's never heard of that many dead beavers on a road.

A local driver worried that the carnage might be the result of "foul play."

"I was wondering, 'What in the world happened?'" said Matt Posivio, who spotted the dead beavers while driving to work. "To see so many of them. My first thought was 'I hope this isn't foul play.'"

Lambert, meanwhile, said he consulted with some of his biologist buddies, who think the beavers were moving to a new lodge (factoid: beaver homes are called lodges) and had to cross the street to do so.

Still, beavers are not known to travel in large groups, and no one seems to have ever heard of seven of them being killed at once--at least not by anything other than French-Canadian pelt traders.

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