What the Seahawks' Jerseys Would Look Like if They Played Soccer

seahawks jersey01.jpg
And why the Sounders should take notes on the design.

This from Imgur's post on NFL/MLS crossover jerseys.

Sure, soccer kits are just giant advertisements for the companies who sponsor the teams, but as we've said before, when done right they can still look both sophisticated and unique.

So here are the Sounders current kits:

Seattle Sounders kits01.jpg

And here are the Seahawks':

seahawks jersey02.jpg

Now the mashup:

seahawks jersey01.jpg

Obviously, for football (not fútbol), the mashup jerseys wouldn't cut it (there's no room for shoulder pads, for starters). But the Sounders could take a few hints from the design here.

The striped pattern is particularly striking, as is the more subdued sponsor branding. Find a way to tone down the Sounders' current neon-green trim into a darker shade (not too close to Portland's though) and we're in business.

I'd buy one today if they weren't fake.

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