The Horror! Aussie Turns Dead Xbox 360 Into Working Joystick for Playstation 3

xbox ps04.jpg
As if Vegemite weren't enough, an Australian has unleashed a new horror unto the world. It involves two popular gaming systems (one of which was not conceived in the Seattle area) and a shameless reanimation that would make Dr. Frankenstein blush.

This from today's post on Kotaku.

The mad science was conducted by "Aussie game nut Morris" (we're not sure who he is, but he sounds terrifying). Now watch as the Xbox 360 you know and love (when it's actually working, as this one was not) becomes something truly unholy.

xbox ps01.jpg

xbox ps02.jpg

xbox ps03.jpg

xbox ps04.jpg

From Xbox 360 console to Playstation 3 accessory.

It's like killing chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov and playing checkers on his corpse.

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