Portland Book Store Offers to Trade Real Books for "Soulless" Kindles

Face it, dude. You and your corporate-owned Kindle are ruining print. Never mind that downloadable literature has single-handedly kept books and book authors competitive in the digital age. The point is that old school books, like vinyl turntables, fixie bicycles, and retro coats, show that you appreciate how an object makes you look, not just what it does.

Well, good news! The Microcosm Zine Store in Portland will trade you the value of your Kindle for an equal value of used books.


Do you love print? Do you still read books? Did you get a Kindle for Christmas? Do you want to trade in your soulless faux-literary technology for its worth in good old fashioned books? Well, friends, Microcosm Publishing's got your back! Beginning RIGHT NOW you can bring in your Christmas Kindle to the Microcosm store in Portland (636 SE 11th) and trade it in for its worth in new or used books and zines! That's right! Why let fad technology kill print when you can take a stand and fill up your shelves in the process. (Don't worry, we won't tell your parents.) And make sure to bring a friend to help you carry all your loot; most of the store's books are priced in the $2-$6 range so a $139-$189 trade-in (note: going retail for the Kindle at Amazon's site) you might be carrying your books out in a fleet of wheelbarrows!

Calls to the DIY book store go straight to an anonymous voicemail, presumably on an old rotary-dial telephone. So it's unclear so far what the owners of Microcosm will do with the "faux-literary" (whatever that means) Kindles once they get them.

We're guessing they secretly read them.

At any rate, take advantage of the deal now. I mean, Kindles come and go. Zines are forever.

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