Pascal Cloutier, Edmonds-Woodway High School Student Prez Candidate, Suspended for Giving "Unapproved" Speech

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Pascal Cloutier is a 15-year-old boy who used to be running for student body president at Edmonds-Woodway High School. He was supposed to give a nice, school-approved speech about why he was running and what a good president he'd be last week. So when he ditched that speech for a different one in which he pointed out that student government positions are merely "puppets of the teachers," the school reacted just like the "ruthless oppressors" he said they are.

As the Herald reports today, Cloutier was suspended for going off-script.

The speech he gave is rife with the kind of overdramatic angst that's common among high-school teens, and even has a few references to "comrades" and "cast[ing] off the shackles of lies and oppression."

At heart, he takes issue with the entire Associated Student Body, which he says "has no real power" and does "everything in their power to divide and destroy us."

It's a sentiment high-school politicians nationwide might find themselves feeling if they really think about whether they're able to accomplish anything other than a change to the prom decorations or the addition of an extra vending machine in the lunchroom.

But the school, like typical dimwits, are playing right into the Big Brother role by suspending the kid for venturing off-script.

Giving powerless positions to students under the guise of having actual clout is a long-standing tradition in American public schools. Freedom of speech, however, is a long-standing tradition in America.

That the school feels that they are mutually exclusive seems a bit odd.

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