Nicholas Limpert, Spokane Crybaby and Once Convicted Murderer, Racks up 67th Arrest in Five Years

The first time Nicholas Limpert was convicted of a crime, he was 15 years old and it was for murder. Then, a judge saw some potential in him; after Limpert was tried as an minor, the judge gave him five years in juvy. Today, the man is a seasoned criminal with a number of arrests nearly three times his age. In other words, our little boy's all growed up.

The Spokesman Review reports that 25-year-old Limpert racked up his--wait for it--67th arrest last weekend, this one for burglarizing an open garage.

As he's apparently prone to do when arrested, Limpert cried like a child (seen in the booking photo above right).

Crying is a different reaction than the one Limpert showed when he was convicted, along with 15-year-old Brandon R. Molony, for robbing and stabbing to death a mentally disabled janitor in 2001. Then, the Spokesman reported how he "repeatedly smirked and laughed" in court.

His rap sheet was faxed to Seattle Weekly by a Spokane County Superior Court employee and (not including several open cases) includes convictions for: conspiracy, theft (five separate convictions), vehicle theft, malicious mischief, attempted theft, murder (the juvenile case we mentioned), assault, driving on suspended license (three separate convictions), reckless driving, vehicle prowling and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Spokane County prosecutors are hoping that the latest burglary charge will let them put him in prison for four years.

We're currently taking bets as to how long he'll last after that before his 68th arrest.

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