Moxie Media Lawsuit Will Hit Courts Just in Time for 2012 Elections

By this time next year, the 2012 elections will be in high gear. Glenn Beck will cry and shout, Chris Matthews will spit when he talks, and Keith Olbermann will have a new show on HBO where he's allowed to say "fuck" but won't. In Washington, where campaign scandals are drier than old beef jerky, there'll be at least one spicy morsel of political shenaniganism to talk about. Too bad it'll be from the previous election.

I'm speaking of course about the Moxie Media lawsuit.

As the Herald reports on Wednesday, Thurston County Superior Court Judge Christine Pomeroy is holding off hearing the case until February 2012--just in time for endless finger-pointing about how shady Democrats' campaign strategies are and counter-finger-pointing about how laughable that is because Republicans wrote the book on campaign shadiness.

The Moxie Media lawsuit stems from last year when Everett state senator Jean Berkey finished third in the Democratic primary and then accused folks in her own party of conspiring to unseat her. At the center of the accusations was Seattle's Moxie Media, which essentially set up an extensive series of political action committees to obscure donors that were funding attack ads against Berkey.

The PAC "shell game" is nothing new in politics, and in the post-Citizens United landscape where secret campaign money floods election coffers (with the lion's share going to Republicans), the case was one of many examples of less-than-honest politicking.

Plus, it may or may not have been illegal.

So who better to sue the liberal firm than all-but-certain 2012 GOP gubernatorial candidate Attorney General Rob McKenna? He picked up the case faster than he can say "Obamacare."

And now, come next year, he'll not only have an opposing PR firm in his crosshairs, he'll have a tailor-made response for when he inevitably starts raking in cash from his own undisclosed donors.

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